Sony strategic analysis executive summary

Introduction Nintendo, the Japanese video game console manufacturing company, is one of the big players in the respective industry along with Sony and Microsoft. Inwhen the competitors were following the industry norm to improve the product features, Nintendo followed a disruptive route to target a new market with a new product that none of the competitors had: The following report strives to present a comprehensive strategic analysis of Nintendo for the executive board. Finally, the report presents some recommendations and implementation issues that the board needs to consider while making its decision.

Sony strategic analysis executive summary

Solution for the case studies, articles and other problems Follow by Email Sony: The recommendation is based on their dividend policy, trend of stock price, and current financial performance of Sony.

As of May 117: Sony has been getting positive surprise in all quarter of exceeding the analyst estimation. Sony has distinctive competencies on their operations that enable them to generate strong cash flow from their operation.

Sony investing as well as financing activities was justifiable over the past three.

Sony strategic analysis executive summary

Sony invests their money mostly on marketable securities, for financing, Sony has shifted their strategy from long term debt to short term debt. If Sony decided to stick completely on short term financing then it may create them problem at the time when they need huge sum of money.

The reason is that Sony may not be able to borrow enough money within the short period of time. Another reason is that they have to return short term borrowing within a year. Since Sony sell products such as, computers, camera, game, and other electronic equipments, in the economic recession people try to avoid those products.

Based on the assumption economy will continually go up Sony will be able to perform better. Therefore in the long run Sony will be able to delivery higher dividends. Sony has divided its products into different segments as followings: The electronic business Sony strategic analysis executive summary audio, video, televisions, information and communications, semiconductors, and other products.

Electronic segments represent Game segment represents As of JuneSony has more than 24 million registered accounts for internet users of online game and game demos in more than 55 countries.

The Pictures segment consists of motion pictures and television programming home entertainment distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment SPE. Picture segment represents 9. Financial service segment represents 6. Other segment represents 6. As of March 31, Sony also own and administers more thanmusic copyrights.

Sony sales and distributes those music via So-net Entertainment Corporation Sony, Industry Overview Sony Corporation is well diversified company that offers wide variety of products from different industries.

For the Sony it is hard to analyze and explain the industry overview only from one industry because Sony competes with its competitors with the product lines from more than one industry. Basically the industry where Sony Corporation competes is: Consumer electronic, Banking, Computer hardware, Computer peripherals, Computer display and projectors, and Printing and imaging equipment.

Competitive Analysis As Sony Corporation engages in designing and manufacturing of electronic equipments, games, pictures and the distributing of many other financial services in the United States, Japan, Europe, Asia and other international market; undoubtedly, there are some highly competitive companies which are also manufacturing and distributing of electronic equipments, games and pictures.

Since the Sony diversified its products from more than one industry, its competitors are also differs from one business segment to another. Similarly, for the Game Business segment, Microsoft and Nintendo are the major competitors and for the Music segment Warner Bros and Universal are the major competitors.

Sony competes with its competitors by its quality, variety, and price; therefore, it positions to be a remarkable brand and company. The most important factors that cause the decline were slowdown of the global economy, appreciation of the Yen against US dollars and Euro and decline of the Japanese stock market.

Further other operating revenue got huge loss such as film, video, recorded music, and network service business and advertising agency business in Japan Q. Cost of sales encompasses cost relate to the producing and manufacturing of products that include items such as material cost, and subcontractor cost.

This shows that company has not able to manage their expenses efficiently as the sales go down which is the bad signal for the Sony Corporation. Under the Electronic segment, two significant restructuring activities were retirement programs and termination of LCD rear-projection television operations in Europe.

Sony has make efforts to the restructuring activities in the Music Business segment because of contraction of the physical music market.

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Some of the restructuring program has terminated during the year and some will go further for the next year also. The cost of restructuring are recorded on selling and general expenses.Executive summary Sonny’s current financial difficulties are tied into its corporate culture which was verbalized over 30 years ago.

With such an immensely colossal multinational corporation, greater orchestrating and more utilization of strategies should be pursued. Sony could commence with the implementation of a new mission verbal expression, with profit and benefits of the company Read More.

Tokyo, March 27, - Sony Corporation (“Sony” or “the Company”) today announced the establishment of a new management structure. Led by President and CEO Kazuo Hirai, these changes are intended to drive revitalization and growth across Sony's core electronics businesses, and deliver.

Other members of the CIO & executive leadership research group: Dave Aron, Heather Colella, Richard Hunter, Raymond Laracuenta and Leigh McMullen. Executive .

Sony Corporation Executive Summary Words | 13 Pages. use of strategies should be pursued. Sony could start with the implementation of a new mission statement, with profit and benefits of the company tied more closely to everyday operations.

3 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Sony Corporation, a leading Japanese manufacturer of electronics, game, and entertainment products, has reported losses for four consecutive years. Executive Summary Introduction The reports summarized below are taken from the final version of the survey and assessment conducted by Security Risk Management Consultants’ LLC.

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