Leadership theory essay

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Leadership theory essay

Hire Writer At first, I knew that there is no difference in leadership.

Leadership theory essay

For me, anybody who gave commands and issued instructions was a leader. During the year, I read about different types of leadership styles and did my research through observation in several organizations, one being our school as well as my church.

I discovered that the frequently applied leadership styles in many organizations across the globe include transformational leadership and the transactional form of leadership Kippenberger, Under the transformational leadership I learned that the leaders get an opportunity to give inspiration to the employees, so that the employees can perform beyond their normal duties.

I also learned that leaders are people who are capable of performing the functions of showing direction, aligning, influencing, motivating and inspiring of the people they lead.

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On the other hand manager is simply someone who is capable of planning, budgeting, organizing and allocating resources and can control and resolve problems easily. Therefore, with the considerations of the above aspects and example on leadership, I realised that leadership is a very important at all levels in an organisation, and within the society.

In addition, I realised that in leadership, what can work in one context may not be applicable in another. Culture is also another issue that I got to understand plays a great role in application of the theories of leadership. It is therefore, recommendable that women should be given equal chances in leadership as men without any form of discrimination, something that I really support since women can perform just like men or even better.

Theory, application, skill development. How to cite this page Choose cite format:Aug 09,  · The underlying theory of each of these leadership styles is that the leadership style is flexible, and the best leaders have the ability to utilize different styles and techniques depending on the needs of the day.

here the two differ is in the understanding of the . Oct 07,  · THEORY AND PACTISE OF LEADERSHIP PRINCINPLES GUIDING MY LEADERSHIP BEHAVIOUR IN THE FUTURE Leadership theory best understood by me, is a framework of ideas or principles that set the standard for any leader within an organization.

Running head: Applying Leadership Theory Applying Leadership Theories Essay Leeann Dooley Grand Canyon University: EDA May 4th, Leadership styles are similar to teaching styles in that they require a certain amount of . Dec 12,  · Free Essays from Bartleby | 12/12/ Path-Goal Theory of Leadership Path-Goal Leadership Theory The Path-Goal model is a theory based on specifying a.

Theories of leadership: Douglas McGregor described Theory X and Theory Y in his book, The Human Side of Enterprise.

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Theory X and Theory Y each represent different ways in which leaders view employees. There are many leadership theories that have oriented and contributed for the leaders in management. One of them is the “Situational Approach” theory, which was found by Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard ().

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