Diving into the wreck thesis

Conclusion Though it may seem formulaic — and, well, it is - the idea behind this structure is to make it easier for the reader to navigate the ideas put forth in an essay.

Diving into the wreck thesis

We are, I am, you are by cowardice or courage the one who find our way back to this scene carrying a knife, a camera a book of myths our names do not appear. What do you notice first? What about the title?

Diving into the wreck thesis

What more does the title suggest? Along with mentioning Jacques Cousteau, the title connects an action with exploration and investigation.


So now, what wreck? Is the poem an account of an adventure from some vacation cruise? How might you decide that the poem is a metaphor? The first line announces some kind of departure from the literal with "the book of myths. Given the cumbersome equipment and the importance of safety, this sounds unrealistic.

So, if this poem is an extended metaphor, the next questions might concern the necessary preparations for the dive: What implications are present in these details? This is a good general question. The book suggests a history or previous stories about the "wreck," whatever it may be.

The camera is a device for recording what is factually present, as opposed to what is purportedly present. And the knife suggests danger.

Diving into the wreck thesis

The last two are consistent with an actual wreck. Something else you may notice reading through the poem several times is that the idea of being alone changes as the poem continues, but this change takes place in a rather unusual way.

By the end, the identity of the narrator is both one and many. Usually, the movement from one to many would indicate that the speaker found a community, belonging, or companionship. Whether, as Rich says, "by cowardice or courage," the exploration and discovery of new territory is still in a kind of uncertainty about identity, if not an identity crisis.

At the end, the names plural of these explorers, "do not appear" in the book of myths, indicating both a past disenfranchisement of some sort and a future change, created through the exploration of the wreck.

However, it is not necessary to determine more specifically what the wreck might be. There is no need to reduce the poem to feminine identity and gender stereotypes, although clearly that element is present.

There also is no need to limit the poem to a piece about artistic self-discovery.

Diving into the Wreck

Clearly there are further elements of the poem to question as well, such as the relationship between lineation or form in general and content. The opposition—or perhaps balance is the better word—of "damage" and "treasures that prevail" is another intriguing issue.

In a lengthier discussion, these and other elements could be explored. Published in partnership with the Great Books Foundation.It was in , in the midst of the feminist and civil rights movements, the Vietnam War, and her own personal distress, that Rich wrote Diving into the Wreck (W.

W. Norton), a collection of exploratory and often angry poems, which garnered her the National Book Award in “Diving into the Wreck” is a poem of ten stanzas in free verse. The poem is written in the first person. Sometimes poets use the first-person device to create a character who may have different values or beliefs from the author.

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Analysis of Diving Into the Wreck There are many poems in today’s literature that are detailed and paint a picture for the reader. A poem that really stands out is Diving Into the Wreck by Adrienne Rich.

Rich is a well known poet born in Baltimore, Maryland (Milne). Download diving into the cable wreck, sylvia plath's 'ariel' and read diving into the camera, p. Comparative essay writing schwartz had groundbreaking insights into the wreckby adrienne rich.

Master's theses at the thesis statement for diving into the house of honors thesis. Diving Into the Wreck essays As the title poem of Rich's seventh book of poems, "Diving Into the Wreck" brings together some major themes of her works, the social roles and stigmas associated with men and women and self-exploration and discovery.

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