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However, managers are still the ones having those compversations. In a tight job market, retaining employees and strengthening your pay brand is key, so how can HR bridge that trust divide with managers and get everyone talking the same language around pay?

Compensation study guide

Under this new policy, the maximum amount awarded by the NIH for the support of a graduate student supported on a research grant or a cooperative agreement is tied to the zero level National Research Service Award NRSA stipend in effect at the time the grant award is issued.

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The schedule for NRSA stipends can be found at https: These operating principles associated with the compensation of students performing necessary work on NIH funded research projects are described in detail in the NIH Grants Policy Statement at https: As before, the amount provided for compensation includes salary or wages, fringe benefits, and tuition remission.

These guidelines apply to graduate students at the grantee institution who are supported by NIH research grants and cooperative agreements and not to individuals supported by NRSA training grants and fellowships.

The stipends provided to recipients of NRSA support offset the cost-of- living during the period of training and are not considered equivalent to salaries or other forms of compensation provided to individuals supported on research grants.

Nevertheless, the entry-level postdoctoral Compensation study guide stipend provides a useful benchmark for an award amount that approximates a reasonable rate of compensation for graduate students.

Compensation study guide

Anticipated escalations in NRSA stipends see https: Since postdoctoral employees were considered to have more experience and training than comparable graduate students in this study, the excess compensation for students was considered unreasonable.

With encouragement from the OMB, the NIH developed guidelines to establish the maximum award for graduate student compensation in https: The maximum award amount was modified in and again in This document ties the amount awarded for graduate compensation to an NRSA stipend amount that is likely to be adjusted for increases in the cost- of-living in future years.

Once FY stipend levels are established, awards will be issued using the new yet-to-be-determined higher level.

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As in the past, no adjustments will be made to noncompeting total cost award levels or future year commitments. NIH staff will review the compensation requested for graduate students on competing and cooperative agreement applications for which a detailed budget is submitted.

NIH will not request nor accept budgets for those applications using a modular budget format solely for the purpose of reviewing graduate student compensation.

Grantees are reminded that when submitting detailed budgets that request support for a graduate student, actual institutional-based compensation should be requested and information justifying the requested compensation level should be provided.

If not provided, this information will be obtained from the institution"s business office for any request that appears excessive.

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NIH institutes and centers will review the requested compensation level and, if considered reasonable, will award the actual amount requested, up to a maximum equal to the NRSA zero level postdoctoral stipend. Revised budgets submitted solely to adjust requested levels for graduate students will not be accepted.

Institutions may continue to rebudget funds to charge more than the awarded amount provided that OMB cost principles requiring reasonable compensation are observed.

In general, graduate student compensation will not be considered reasonable if in excess of the amount paid to a first-year postdoctoral scientist at the same institution performing comparable work.

No adjustments will be made to any competing FY awards already issued. However, grantees may rebudget to accommodate the higher compensation level.

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Questions should be referred to the grants management specialist identified on the notice of grant award.SBC Church Compensation Survey Results Are In! In partnership with LifeWay and state Baptist conventions, our survey results have helped SBC churches — like yours — establish meaningful compensation packages for ministers and church staff for over 20 years!

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Glossary of Compensation Terms—provides definitions and examples for employee compensation terms as used in the National Compensation Survey. Guide for Evaluating Your Firm's Jobs and Pay—explains how the Bureau determines the work level of an occupation in the National Compensation Survey.

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