Case study moto

The southern edge of this circuit was approximately metres from the rear gardens of a row of six bungalows. But over time the popularity of the track grew and so the farmer sought to regularise its use as a motocross track by obtaining planning consent for it. The council viewed the planning application favourably.

Case study moto

This was true when I started this article, but no longer. I had looked at over 30 bikes over a 7-month period before picking this Case study moto. The bike was in very good condition and had only 23, miles on the clock. The bike as of this edit has 49, miles, and aside from routine maintenance has needed very little service.

Yet another update, on July 15, the KRS was totaled with almost exactly 50, miles - I am now on the hunt for an R And another update, I bought a K75RT: However I have found it to be true that it is far better to err on the side of doubt, and to pay close attention to "gut" feelings when buying used motorcycles.

I claim no great special knowledge and I urge you to freely form your own opinions that contradict mine. Lately a very convincing scam has been making the rounds and tricking even the very careful. It involves being contacted by a buyer or seller, almost always overseas, interested in buying your bike or selling you a bike.

He will ask you to deposit the check then wire him the excess money via Western Union, Money Order, etc. You will be out whatever money you "refunded", any shipping prep and deposits, and will never hear from the person again.

HERE is a great Wired story on this scam. In this case, it pays to be a bit paranoid. Another popular scam these days is the "I am selling my bike but just moved overseas, just wire me the money and I will have the bike delivered to you for your inspection.

HERE is a great step-by-step of the scam. There are many reasons to choose bikes, and as many generalizations about the same bikes. Japanese bikes are dependable, Italian bikes are fast, and German bikes last forever.

Remember though, that most have chosen BMW motorcycles because of the reputation for durability, dependability and longevity.

Personally I chose BMW because I wanted a bike that I could ride a long, long way before having to worry about extensive engine work. Examine Your Circumstances namely how much do you have and how badly do you want it? I am not the greatest on advising you here as I started looking at broken-down R bikes and am now looking for a spotless K bike.

Generally I can say that the first thing you need to do is establish three prices, what you want to spend, what you are willing to spend, and your absolute ceiling. I mentioned three prices because unlike many Japanese motorcycles, advertisements for BMW motorcycles do not pop up everywhere you look.

Once you have a good idea of what you want to spend, start thinking about what kind of riding you plan on doing. BMW has created a fantastic timeline of models, take a peek. BMW has made basically three major models of motorcycles, the R series which has two, horizontally-opposed cylinders, the F series which has belt or chain drive and 2 side-by-side cylinders older F bikes are single-cylinder, now morphed into the G series and the K series which has three or four side-by-side cylinders.


The R series is further divided by the modern fuel-injected bikes and the older carbureted bikes. The older carbureted twins, known as "Airheads" are widely respected for being a simpler design, durable, and easily and inexpensively repaired.

The later and more complex fuel-injected twins, known as "Oil-Heads" and "Hex-Heads" are well known for raw power and the famous handling from the revolutionary "telelever" front end.

Case study moto

The K bikes, known as "Bricks" from the appearance of the engine, or "Whiners" due to the distinct whine created by the sound of the fuel pump, are the most complex of the BMW bikes. They are renowned for dependability, incredible durability, and ease of regular maintenance.

First, consider your level of riding experience. The KRS and RRT may look very cool, but they are a handful and suited for riders that have a few years of riding under the belt and used to bikes with plenty of power and extremely precise handling.

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INTRODUCTION. I've spent a lot of time over the past few years looking at used BMW bikes I thought I would write down some things I've the spring of I had saved $ and was looking for a basket case old R .

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