Burger king marketing employee motivation strategy essay

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Burger king marketing employee motivation strategy essay

A holders of Burger King franchises has to follow the strict obligations and duties given by the Burger King; it includes designs of a company, internal and external appearance, brand standards, quality and serving of food, training programs and employee compensation plans Nathan, Burger King is giving license to the operators and administrators of stores to run the franchises of Burger King In North America Elizabeth, Now Burger King is working in many countries.

It is using many promotional techniques as well. It has fan page on a social media called Backbone. Moreover it has an account on twitter as well.

Burger King has a large variety in its menu Including burgers, fries, pan cakes, shakes etc. Burger King says that their employees are the vital part of their organization.

Employees are the main assets of a company because they face the customers, deals with them and provide services and products to the customers. To get good results of this employee and customer relationship, Burger King has set rules to give Professional training to the employees so that employees should use their abilities to investing on career development of employees by giving them a chance to work in different departments and giving a chance to the employees to polish their skills and competencies by attending different seminars.

Feedback from employees is very important in bringing the positive changes in the Company, Burger King also follows this rule and they encourage their employees to do open communication with the top management.

In this way satisfaction of employees increases and they are free to use any mode of communication, which includes videos calls, meetings, Emails, voice mails etc.

Burger King motivates its employees with different rewards to engage them in the progress of the organization. When staff works hard and continuously makes a positive difference to the company.

Employee achievement awards given to the employees working with the Burger King more than five years and these awards are given to the employees after every five years and reached up to fifty years.

There are other programs and awards as well that are given to the employees at both management and lower level to motivate the employees.

For this purpose Burger King is selected. Organizations have to made good motivational programs for employees to get good performance from them. If employees are motivated then they perform better, they feel satisfied with their Job, so they are committed to their organization as well.

This research will encourage organizations to motivate their employees and understand the things that motivate them. To understand the phenomenon of employee motivation of Burger King, given below questions of research should be kept in mind to make a base of this research.

The current benefits that employees are getting? How the motivation of employees is maintained by the organization? What are the organizations current and future strategies to motivate their workers? Motivation is the challenging issue to manage and work, because of the individual behavior or attitudes.

As every individual is different from each other, their behaviors, attitudes and needs are also different. For every individual the motivating factors could be different according to their circumstances as well as their priorities. Another factor could be that an employee is not fit for the Job he is doing or he has no interest in that work.

So such resources and encouragement should be provided to him so he can develop interest. This research assignment will results in understanding the motivation of employees given by the Burger King and which leads to overall better and good performance. A motivated employee will have capacity to work hard and give good results.

Organizations need motivated employees to work. Motivated employees help organizations in their survival. Motivated employees are also quality oriented.

They find different good ways to do the Job.New marketing campaign for healthier products What Burger King needs is probably a new marketing campaign that focus on the demands of the current market. The new marketing campaign must also be supported with products that clearly provide a mix of healthy ingredients.

Burger king marketing employee motivation strategy essay

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The company I have decided to pick is the Burger King Limited. Burger king limited is a fast food company located at 58 South Street, Romford, Essex. Burger King Essay The department deals with employee compensation, safety, well being, employee motivation, benefits, and communication.

The managers evaluate employee performance, and. Burger King Marketing Essay.

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burger king marketing & employee motivation strategy. MOD BURGER KING AND EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION INTRODUCTION This research deals that how Burger King (BK) following the procedures to motivate the Employees. Employee Motivation at FMC Green River and Other Organizations Essay.


Burger king marketing employee motivation strategy essay

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